Supporting Initiatives - Bengaluru 2017

Supporting Initiatives

Supporting Initiatives

At STAMP 2018 Hyderabad, enterprises with working product on shared mobility, electric mobility, safety and security, information and payments and IoT demonstrated their innovative mobility solutions to government officials, ecosystem enablers, transport experts, corporates and investors.

This initiative was designed to engage the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) to ensure seamless first and last mile connections to and from metro stations. As part of STAMP 2017, training modules were developed for the traffic police on engineering and street design, traffic management and incident investigation. Detailed lesson delivery plans including instruction guides on lesson delivery, exercises for participants and site visits were developed for each module. 

STAMP at LA Co-Motion, where city leaders and transit agencies from the United and States and across the world discussed gaps and opportunities for the integration of new mobility solutions with public transport.

The launch of last-mile services at the BMTC Shanti Nagar TTMC in Bangalore, following the response from entrepreneurs to the invitation for an Expression of Interest circulated by the city bus agency.