01 Jul, 2020

Smart Responses to COVID-19: How Indian Cities are Fighting through Action and Innovation (Volume I)’,  a Smart Cities Mission report compiled by WRI India spotlights how 25 smart cities are combating the pandemic through innovative measures across 5 key areas.

29 Jun, 2020

Informal sector holds the key to Indian economy’s revival post-Covid. Government must have plans in place to help them prosper.

18 Jun, 2020

With India in its third phase of lockdown, and with the loosening of travel restrictions, the question now is: how will this pandemic impact people's movements and activities going forward?

12 Jun, 2020

The struggling bus transport sector has received a massive blow due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is estimated that the bus transport sector will lose around Rs 1.5 lakh crore in 2020 due to no and low-ridership amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

05 Jun, 2020

With new studies linking Covid-19 risk to bad air, India must collect and systematically study data from before, during and after the lockdown, and develop long-term strategies to reduce both indoor and outdoor pollution.

01 Jun, 2020

Across the world, cities are using this opportunity to rebuild smarter and more efficient public system. Meanwhile, India is witnessing increased use of personal vehicles.