Helping cities design and implement efficient, high quality transport systems to expand sustainable urban mobility

EMBARQ’s Integrated Transport team helps cities to shift motorized trips to more efficient transport modes. EMBARQ promotes high quality integrated public transport systems that include bus rapid transit (BRT), urban buses, auto-rickshaws, bicycling, and walking. Our four integrated transport strategies include:

  1. Support cities’ implementation and management of integrated transport systems through directly influencing the planning and implementation of urban transport systems and publishing high quality research.
  2. Shift national governments' policies and funding to build capacity for sustainable urban transport through research, direct technical guidance, and policy recommendations.
  3. Align international NGOs and development banks with local urban transport needs. EMBARQ contributed to the development banks’ landmark $175 billion commitment to sustainable transport in 2012, and will continue to monitor and influence this investment.
  4. Guide private sector investment to identify potential markets for sustainable transport and help investment achieve maximum impact.


Urban Transport Projects

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