EMBARQ India has been actively contributing to the dialogue on sustainable urban transport in India since 2006. It currently works with over 15 cities, and has established relationships with officials, decision makers, and key stakeholder groups in sustainable transport. India is home to one of the fastest growing urban populations in the world. Indian cities are expected to grow from 340 million in 2008 to 590 million people in 2030, and this brings in significant challenges for the country’s city planners and leaders.

When it comes to sustainable urban transport and city planning, growing Indian cities lack capacity in crucial areas – policymaking, investment decisions, planning and design, service quality, and more. Our capacity building work aims to influence investments in urbanization in India by initiating dialogue, creating awareness and skills, sharing data, bringing together communities and establishing best practices around sustainable urban development. In addition to working directly with city authorities, EMBARQ India has been collaborating extensively in the past with the Ministry of Urban Development, India, for creating standardized training material and training resources to take forward the task of building capacity and expertise for sustainable urban transport in Indian cities.

Until now, EMBARQ India has reached out to close to 4000 individuals through its various capacity building initiatives like training programs, study tours, lecture series, webinars and workshops. Another issue that policymakers, planners, researchers, consultants and students face with regards to sustainable urban planning is credible data and localized information from cities. Not only do students find it hard to acquire credible datasets and analyses for their research due to availability, budget, and time constraints, interpreting this data, presenting trends and analysis in simplified charts and graphs and benchmarking this against good practices is something policymakers or even communities do not have ready access to..

The capacity building team at EMBARQ India, has been addressing this gap using a multi-pronged approach which is based on the following principles:

LEARN about concepts and best practices in the field of sustainable transport and urban development through our publications, reports, papers, videos, webinars and classroom trainings.

CONNECT with professionals who are trained in a diversity of academic fields and areas of specialization via our conferences, workshops, google hangouts and mailing lists.

CONTRIBUTE to the body of knowledge and events on sustainable urban transport and share your feedback via various social media channels, mailing lists and blogs.

COLLABORATE on shared objectives, projects and activities to make Indian cities more liveable through on-the ground projects, workshops, trainings and partnerships.



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