TRAC City India

Strengthening institutional capacity for effective, large-scale climate action

The TRAC project provides access to technical resources and training to support government planners, decision-makers and practitioners in implementing low emissions growth strategy to mitigate climate impact. Photo by EMBARQ/Flickr

The latest science confirms that without rapid and deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, the world will face increasingly dangerous climate change. TRAC provides standards, tools, data, and analysis for use by countries, cities, and companies as the foundation for large-scale emissions reductions.

TRAC City seeks to reduce global GHG emissions by developing standards, tools, data platforms, and analysis that provide the foundation for effective, large-scale climate action. Currently the team is working towards developing a methodology for cities to measure transport sector emissions as an accompaniment to the Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse gas emissions (GPC). In addition TRAC City is also closely working with the city of Bangalore in applying the GPC to develop future scenarios which will then inform the Master Plan for the city. 

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