Supporting auto-rickshaw sector entrepreneurship

Mobility and accessibility for urban India

Auto-rickshaws are an important intermediate transport mode in Indian cities, including the country's largest city, Mumbai. Photo by EMBARQ/Flickr

EMBARQ India catalyzes and helps implement entrepreneurship based models in the auto-rickshaw sector to address urban mobility and accessibility, especially over shorter distances. Enabling such services to scale up through appropriate finance, regulatory, and institutional environments is critical in helping them achieve triple-bottom-line economic, social and environmental benefits. EMBARQ achieves this goal by:

  • Releasing rigorous and innovative research;
  • Facilitating partnerships with city governments and other stakeholders to help implement entrepreneur-driven organized fleet auto-rickshaw services.
  • Convening events with stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, investors and regulatory decision-makers towards catalyzing entrepreneurship initiatives in the auto-rickshaw, taxi and bicycling sectors.
  • Influencing policy at the state and national level.

EMBARQ India has partnered with the city of Rajkot to implement an entrepreneurship-driven fleet auto-rickshaw service for the city; researched and published a comprehensive study of the role of the auto-rickshaw sector in sustainable Indian urban transport; and is producing a literature review and case study compilation on the auto-rickshaw sector.

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