Emerging Mobility Business Trends

Catalyzing and scaling investment in sustainable transport solutions

Photo by Kara Newhouseg/Flickr

 In India, increasing pressure on urban infrastructure due to rapid population growth and increasing private motorization is driving the need for new solutions in urban mobility. Photo by Kara Newhouseg/Flickr

 EMBARQ is attempting to change the wider business and investment community’s perception by supporting existing entrepreneurs to scale and become profitable. This will also prompt private sector participation in sustainable public transport. We will mobilize $1 million for mobility startups, build a pipeline of investible enterprises, exploring corporate partnerships, and organize investor-incubator events that will channel funding into these startups. This work will be the foundation of our capacity building efforts targeting 1000 sustainable mobility businesses that will impact how 1 million people travel in urban India. Through deep entrepreneur engagement, EMBARQ India will design support programmes that facilitate monetary and non-monetary support for enterprises.                    

EMBARQ India works as a catalyst to jumpstart a movement of entrepreneurs to develop sustainable transport business models, and for the Indian Government to recognize and enable the important role private businesses can play in the urban transport sector. As part of this effort, we will conduct research, influence regulatory change, forge government partnerships and create platforms that bring entrepreneurs and private enterprise together with the goal of changing the face of urban mobility in the country.



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