Our Approach

Our work is built on the transformative power of cities to improve the human condition. Specifically, we seek to catalyze and help implement clean, efficient, affordable and sustainable transport solutions and urban development that improves quality of life and enables access for all across cities in emerging economies.

WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has built its global recognition on its local experience, bringing impact on the ground and at scale through national and international policies. Our theory of change relies on three interrelated approaches:

  1. Deliver “game changer” projects in cities. These projects showcase best practices of sustainable transport and urban development in iconic cities, raising national and international attention to encourage replication worldwide. One game-changer can establish new practice globally, or more often, it can introduce international best practice into a new region or country.
  2. Replicate best practices to 200+ cities. We help increase awareness and knowledge of sustainable transport through capacity-building programs, guidance, standards, and events. This approach addresses several underlying problems, including lack of institutional capacity, and vested industry and political interests promoting unsustainable solutions.
  3. Shift international policy to leverage sizable sustainable investments and influence national policies. We convene international agencies and form agreements, such as the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change on the U.N. Decade of Action for Road Safety, around analysis to prioritize sustainable mobility solutions. Then, we connect international policy to national regulation and local projects by convening decision-makers at all levels. We also leverage funding through international agreements that provide additional incentives towards sustainable mobility.

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