Our Work

Our work is built on the transformative power of cities to improve the human condition. Specifically, we seek to catalyze and help implement clean, efficient, affordable and sustainable transport solutions and urban development that improves quality of life and enables access for all across cities in emerging economies. WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities has built its global recognition on its local experience, bringing impact on the ground and at scale through national and international policies.

  • Capacity Building

    Capacity building aimed at influencing investments in urbanization in India by initiating dialogue, creating awareness and skills, sharing data, connecting communities and establishing best practices around sustainable urban development.
  • Energy and Governance

    To foster energy and governance decisions that sustain natural resources, alleviate poverty, and improve quality-of-life, we at WRI India aim to integrate adaptation into India’s development goals, with a focus on information needs.
  • Innovation

    Recognising opportunities for entrepreneurs to address people's demand for better mobility
  • Urban Transport

    Helping cities design and implement efficient, high quality transport systems to expand sustainable urban mobility

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