Sarika Dicholkar

Project Associate - Finance And Accounting


Sarika is Project Associate – Finance and Accounting at WRI India. She oversees operations, finance and administrative matters for WRI India. Her main responsibilities include accounts payable processing, purchase order processing, supporting payroll and ensuring timely posting of checks and wires. She coordinates budget management, grant compliance and management of contracts and sub-contracts for WRI India.

Sarika has over 10 years of experience in financial management, administration and operations. Prior to joining WRI India, Sarika worked as Associate - Finance and HR for 6 years with Dasra. Dasra is India's leading strategic philanthropy foundation working with philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to create large scale social change. Sarika coordinated Dasra’s financial systems, including accounts of some of Dasra’s non-profit partners. She also supported human resource management, operations and administration ensuring effective programmatic collaboration and coordination at Dasra.

Sarika has a post-graduate degree in Commerce (MCom) from the University of Mumbai. Sarika likes to listen to music, watch Bollywood movies, and tinker with computers and laptops in her spare time.

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