Nandana Nair

Project Associate - Urban Transport and Road Safety


Nandana Nair is a Project Associate of the Urban Transport and Road Safety team at WRI India, Mumbai. She is originally from Ahmedabad and is presently based in Mumbai working on projects related to finding solutions to the problems of urban mobility, road safety, planning, operational and implementation aspects of urban transport services. She is involved in the Dindoshi Terminal project as part of the Bloomberg Global Road Safety Initiative, to improve safety and convenience of commuters accessing the bus terminal. She also coordinates efforts towards Bandung Intersection Concept Designs to develop various design options for improving safety of the intersections in Bandung.

Nandana initially joined WRI India as part of the Early Professional Programme, with urban transport and road safety in August 2015. At her earlier role as an intern at the Directorate of Urban Land and Transport (D.U.L.T), she was active in Bangalore, Karnataka, through her involvement in planning and analysis on 'Route & Service Planning'. This resulted in route optimization with Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC).

She holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Transport Planning and Management from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Her previous study awarded her with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. She is also a professional dancer and enjoys travelling to explore new places.

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